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Feedback and support

With any questions, bug reports, feedback and any other comments please submit a ticket.

7-MAR-2017: CGPACK on FreeBSD

The FreeBSD port for OpenCoarrays is nearly done. See PR 217283 for more details. gcc7-devel-7.0.0.s20170101 supports coarrays of derived type with allocatable or pointer components. This feature is required to build the CGPACK/ParaFEM mappling module cgca_m3pfem.f90. So this can now be built too.

One remaining FreeBSD problem is that I cannot yet figure out how to build science/hdf5 with --enable-parallel. According to HDF5 forum, that is required to use routines from module cgca_m2hdf5.f90. So test testACF.f90 cannot yet be built. The linking errors are:

caf -o testACF.x testACF.o testaux.o -Wall -Werror -L/home/mexas/lib -lcgpack  -L/usr/local/lib -lhdf5_fortran -lhdf5  -lhdf5hl_fortran -lhdf5_hl -lnetcdf -lnetcdff  -lmpi -lmpifort
/home/mexas/lib/libcgpack.a(cgca_m2hdf5.o): In function `__cgca_m2hdf5_MOD_cgca_pswci4':
cgca_m2hdf5.f90:(.text+0x614): undefined reference to `h5pset_fapl_mpio_f_'
cgca_m2hdf5.f90:(.text+0xc3b): undefined reference to `h5pset_dxpl_mpio_f_'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

8-MAR-2017: OpenCoarrays test failure

Managed to build OpenCoarrays 1.8.4 of BlueCrystal phase 3. Three tests failed:

The following tests FAILED:
         10 - async_comp_alloc (Timeout)
         37 - convert-before-put (Failed)
         40 - (Failed)

Submitted PR 339 to OpenCoarrays

9-MAR-2017: Building HDF5 and netcdf on BlueCrystal phase 3

Spent long time trying to build hdf5 and netcdf. Seems I got it in the end. Lots of issues with correct cmake/configure flags and path envar. I followed Building netCDF-C guide. configure worked better for me than cmake. Configured with

C=mpicc CPPFLAGS=-I/panfs/panasas01/mech/mexas/soft/hdf5-1.10.0-patch1-install/include \
 LDFLAGS=-L/panfs/panasas01/mech/mexas/soft/hdf5-1.10.0-patch1-install/lib \
 ../netcdf- \

Seems to have passed all tests: netcdf-

In the end I have:


10-MAR-2017: netCDF Fortran library

Finally managed to build netCDF-Fortran following Building the NetCDF-4.2 and later Fortran libraries guide. Configured with:

CC=mpicc CPPFLAGS=-I/panfs/panasas01/mech/mexas/soft/netcdf- \
 LDFLAGS=-L/panfs/panasas01/mech/mexas/soft/netcdf- \
 ../netcdf-fortran-4.4.4/configure \

Seems to pass all tests: netcdf-fortran-4.4.4-check.text.

So now I have:


Will now try to build CGPACK again on BlueCrystal 3 with OpenCoarrays.

13-MAR-2017: FreeBSD port of OpenCoarrays is live

Starting from r436077 there is now a working OpenCoarrays port on FreeBSD. See Fresh Ports or FreeBSD Ports Search. Three MPI libraries are supported: net/mpich, net/openmpi and net/openmpi2.

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