CGPACK progress, MAR-2015


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27-MAR-2015: Corrected ParaFEM/CGPACK multi-scale model results.

In the FEB-2015 entry I made several major errors in the logic of cgca_m3pfem.f90 module. I now reworked this module substantially and the results should be correct. All model details are as in the FEB-2015 entry.

Below is the contour plot of u3, produced by FE. Note that the dark blue band is broken in 2 places and the FE mesh is more severely distorted there. These are crack fronts of the macro-crack.

FE displacements for cgpack/parafem cleavage run

Compare this with the pure FE result, with no damage:

pure FE, no damage

It would be better to plot strain to highlight the difference. I don't know yet how to extract strain from ParaFEM.

Results on CA scale are shown below.

Grain boundaries:


Cracks, green are on {110} planes, yellow are on {100} planes:


Cracks superimposed over semi-transparent grain boundaries.


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